Specialising in the treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery in Adults and Children, Mark is experienced and dedicated

Dr Mark Courtney is an ENT surgeon with a mission statement to:

  • Listen to patients with compassion & understanding
  • Provide the best possible advice
  • Explain the treatment options with recommendations
  • Provide and facilitate competent treatment and caring follow up

Specialising in the treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgery in Adults and Children, Mark is experienced and dedicated to providing consultations on disorders covered within this specialty including:

  • Nose and Sinuses – Blocked nose, nasal deformity, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies, smell, taste, endoscopic sinus surgery, nasal polyps, bleeding noses
  • Voice and Throat – Tonsils / tonsillectomy, hoarseness, chronic sore throat, difficulty swallowing, gastroesophageal reflux, vocal cord nodules, vocal polyps, paralysed vocal cords
  • Head and Neck Cancer – Laser surgery, throat cancer, oral cavity cancer, laryngeal cancer, head and neck tumours, neck lumps
  • Sleep and Snoring
  • Otology/Ears – Hearing Loss, perforations, ear infections, grommets, exostoses, barotrauma, swimmer’s ear, otoplasty, bone anchored hearing aids

Mark has completed additional fellowship training in Canada and New Zealand in the areas of Rhinology / Sinus surgery and Paediatric ENT with a strong sub-specialty practice within:

  • Rhinoplasty – Cosmetic rhinoplasty, functional rhinoplasty, blocked nose, nasal deformity and aesthetics, nasal valve collapse/repair, revision rhinoplasty, open/closed structure rhinoplasty, nasal trauma
  • Facial skin cancers
  • Paediatric ENT (children) – Sleep apnoea, snoring, glue ear, tonsillitis, adenoidectomy, blocked nose, allergic rhinitis, ear infections, airway, laryngology, otoplasty, neck lumps, syndromes

Mark conducts research, presents and publishes papers widely both nationally and internationally within the specialty. Mark performs over 100 Rhinoplasty procedures a year for both functional and cosmetic indications. Mark attends conferences and courses regularly to continue to improve skills and remain current with expertise. Mark has been an invited presenter at many medical meetings and conferences.

Teaching and training of the next generation of doctors and ENT specialists has been a focus of Mark’s. This is facilitated by his appointments as a VMO at the Gold Coast University Hospital and as Senior lecturer with Griffith medical school being involved with student lecturing, examination and mentoring for Griffith and Bond medical schools.

Mark is accredited with public and private hospitals on the Gold / Tweed Coast.

Mark’s personal outlook is:

A belief in:

  • Working positively
  • Educating patients to improve their understanding
  • Assisting patients to participate in their own management

With patient care being:

  • A team approach
  • A friendly approach
  • Commitment
  • Technical skills
  • Innovation

And maintain enjoyment in the specialty through:

  • Commitment to excellent surgical results
  • Ongoing improvements in surgical techniques
  • Gaining satisfaction with the results obtained.

Dr Mark Courtney is proud to be part of ENT Clinics, to collaborate with colleagues in caring for patients and along with the team strives to provide you with the most dedicated, compassionate and individualised medical treatment within a comfortable and professional environment.


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