What to expect

Immediately post op – The pain is usually not too bad. The area where the operation was performed has local anaesthetic in. This is the time to ensure that you start eating and drinking. Take pain relief. The local anaesthetic will wear off in approximately 10 hours.

Day 1 – This is usually the worst day of pain. Take regular pain relief. Drink plenty of water and have regular icy poles. Your throat has some stitches in it and your throat may also have a white appearance, both of which are normal. Having swelling of your uvula, the tissue in the middle of your palate is also normal.

Day 2 – 3 – Take regular pain relief regardless of whether you are in pain or not. Keep your fluids up. If you don’t feel like eating then you don’t have to but drinking is essential. Also ensure you have regular icy poles. At this stage you usually have bad breath which is normal.

Day 3 – 7 – Take pain relief only as required.

Day 7 – 10 – It is not unusual for the pain to increase for 24 hours. This is normal. Take regular pain relief for this 24 hour period. After this period the pain usually subsides.

Pain relief?

Panadol – Take this regularly for the first 3 days regardless of whether you are in pain or not.

Ibuprofen [Nurofen] – You can take Nurofen in combination with Panadol provided you are not allergic to it or have asthma. We recommend you take the Nurofen no more than 3 times a day and to take it during a meal as it can cause significant stomach upset.

Endone – Take this pain relief only if you are in significant pain and the other medication is not working adequately.


Do I need antibiotics?

Having a white coating on your throat and bad breath is normal. It is also normal to feel like you have a cold. This is not an infection. There is no indication for antibiotics in most cases after a UPPP.

How much water should I drink?

You should drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

What should I eat?

You can eat and drink anything you like. There are no absolute rules for what you must do after a UPPP. In general, most people prefer to eat soft food. Some food groups will hurt to eat and drink, including citrus, toast and spicy food. You do not do any damage by having these however you may find them painful to eat.

How much time do I need off work?

As a general rule most people have two weeks off work. You can go back to work at any time however you will (as a general rule) not feel up to it for the first week.

What do I do if I get bleeding?

A very small amount of bleeding post operatively is very common. On approximately day 7 many people notice that they spit up a very small amount of blood, approx. 1ml. If this does happen have a cool drink of water and an icy pole. If this continues then proceed to the your nearest public hospital with an Emergency Department.


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