Postoperative Instructions – Rhinoplasty

The nose may feel blocked for two weeks, it is expected and secondary to the swelling. Initially there may be some pain but paracetamol/panadeine and/or celebrex should be enough to settle this.

There may be some bleeding from the nose and crusty discharge, but this should improve over the first week. You may sometimes notice pieces of suture come from the nose. This is normal and expected to happen as the suture dissolves.

Saline irrigation of the nose four times each day for the first week and then twice daily until the follow-up appointment is essential to get good healing of tissue in the nose. This is done with either the “FLO” or “SINUS RINSE” or mixed up using a formula (1 tsp of salt, 1⁄2 tsp of baking soda in 600ml of warm water and 100ml flushed through each side of the nose). Long term daily saline irrigation i.e. once daily is useful.

Sometimes antibiotics are used after the operation.

The external cast and or sutures, if used will stay on the nose for one week and be removed at the post-op appointment.

No injury or trauma should occur to the nose for 6 weeks, as this is how long it takes for the cartilage/bones to unite. Follow-up at your surgeons rooms should be done at seven to ten days after the operation, please ring and book this.


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